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A map of Agon, including the Tribelands

The Mahirim are a fierce race of predators whose society has only recently moved towards civilization. While they may have cities and laws now, they retain the wolf-eyed wildness, the finely honed instincts, and the uncaring cruelty of their pack-hunting ancestors. By the light of the Ghost Moon, Mahirim packs strike deep into enemy territory, plundering and killing without mercy. They vanish as quickly as they came, leaving devastation in the wake of their lightning raids.

The Land[]

The Mahirim homeland is located in the Northwestern part of Agon's main continent. To its east lies the dwarven kingdom of Dvergheim, while the elven republic of Mirendil lies to the south. Across the Sarthan Sea to the north lies Niflheim, an icebound but resource-rich continent which is coveted by both Mahirim and Dwarves.

The Tribelands consist mainly of rolling hills interspersed with large forests of relatively sparse-growing, deciduous trees. The wilder regions are home to an abundance of prey animals, as well as large monster populations. Gnolls have always been common in the Tribelands, while a growing threat is posed by the Moon Cult, a twisted race of ex-mahirim humanoids who worship a demigod called the Moonbeast.

Red Moon[]

The mahirim capital sprawls across a chain of grass-clad islands within a lake in the central region of the Tribelands. With its low, wooden buildings nestled among tall autumnal trees, Red Moon gives an impression of being a compromise between the forces of nature and those of civilization.

The Red Moon skyline is dominated by a strange semi-organic and vaguely egg-shaped structure called the Moontower, which has been constructed using a gargantuan slab of rare and precious moonstone. The tower is older than the city which surrounds it, and none now know why it was given such a strange and unique shape. The Moontower is sacred to the worshippers of Theia, and a large temple complex lies in its shadow.

Mahirim player characters start their career in one of three starting villages, which all lie within easy walking distance of the capital.

Culture and religion[]

The Mahirim worship Theia, which is Agon's second moon, also called the Ghost Moon. They see their celestial deity as a goddess with many different aspects, including Theia as a warlike conqueror, and Theia as huntress and bringer of nature's plenty.

Until quite recently, the Mahirim were a race of nomadic hunters and raiders who carried their possessions with them between ephemeral seasonal camps. The ongoing development towards civilization was set in motion by a prophet-king called Amurran, who had a vision of the Tribelands as a modern and powerful nation state. Though the prophet-king is long dead, his work is continued by the Elders of Red Moon, an organisation whose power is felt everywhere in the Tribelands.

A few moons ago the Long Claw started a new campaign to return the mahirim to their tribal ways, for they are great traditionalists and see no need for a city.