Darkfall Wiki
Gender Male
Race Bloodclan Ork
Age Adult
Description Quiet type, likes to make music in it's weirdest form, became an assassin
Clan Bloodclan
Title Gruntee
Relatives No family

Vretk'Burzaku has been in the Bloodclan Orks for almost two and a half years. He was discovered by a small group of Bloodclan Orks who saved his life from some local Humans who had a camp in the outskirts of Bloodclan territory. Vretk was a newborn, a child with no understanding in anything, even Bloodclan language. As months went by he started to learn the Ork ways. He kept most of his life studying a old deity who was negated by most of the Orks in Bloodclan, The Giitz'Krieg.

Having Thurg as his mentor, he started to feel as if he were in a family, along the other Spirid Warriurz members, but he was only a Pug back then, he couldn't be a part of the tribe, only a follower. When Vretk reached his grunteehood, as a young adult, he started to go on raids with other Orks, killing Humans with such a violence that only Orks could manage to achieve.

During his time as a Gruntee, the Spirid Warriurz started to get small, as the raids started to grow, so started Spirid Warriurz numbers diminishing. As they most of the times sacrificed their own lives to save those of endangered Orks. One day there were no Spirid Warriuz left, the tribe was gone. Only 2 Gruntees kept their belief in the Giitz'Krieg. Vretk and Guban.

But after the tribe was gone, Vretk's disbelief on the Giitz'Krieg started to grow. After his belief on his deity was gone, Vretk had to believe in another one. A stronger god, one who would make Orks stronger so they wouldn't be killed in battle. He started to fight alongside the Blakrok tribe, learning their ways.

Of course Vretk always believed in the Bloodgod, but he wanted another god. One that could save him, make him stronger and better. After one raid with Blak Tuff Trybe, he knew that there are ways of showing the Bloodgod that one cares for Him. The Tattoos, the unusual ways they would consume his enemies after a raid, the way they would make themselves stronger, it all went in Vretk's head as he started doing his own war paints and eating his enemies so he could became stronger.

After all the talks about his family, since he did not grew in any family, he started his own family. The Burzaku family. In the old language it means "The Dark stabber"