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"In a world teeming with necromancers and ghouls, you'd think they'd consider some alternatives to interring corpses intact under small quantities of excavation-friendly dirt."

Shambling mindlessly forward, Zombies try to sink their opponent under a relentless wave of punches, bites and blows from improvised and ancient weapons. Slow and incapable of independent thought, zombies are usually deployed in large numbers.

Ecology and behavior[]

Brought to life by necromantic magic, zombies are empty husks that retain no memories of their lives among the living. They are utterly brainless, and merely follow the instructions they were given during the reanimation process. Zombies tend to ignore dangerous obstacles, such as fire, and never flee.

Zombies lack the coordination and dexterity to often be effective archers, and most will attempt to engage victims in melee combat using ancient, rusted equipment - perhaps the equipment they died wearing, whoever they were in Agon's past. The variety of zombie described here is strictly human, though Mirdain and Alfar could stand among their ranks, rendered unrecognisable by damage and decay.


Predictably, zombies are mostly found near graveyards, battlefields, or other locations where corpses are easily obtained. In theory, though, their creators can command them to go anywhere that their decaying limbs will reach.

Often used as dumb but tireless guardians who persist beyond the lifetimes of their creators, zombies can regularly be found guarding structures as ruined and as ancient as they are, and long since robbed of any real valuables. Take heed when considering the exploration of a zombie-infested ruin, for there may be little reward.

Types Of Zombies[]


Created using powerful necromantic magic, a Dire Zombie is imbued with limited spellcasting ability. They also retain a small glimmer of intelligence, and are capable of giving simpler orders to normal zombies.

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